How to use - Witch Hazel & Rosewater

Facial Toner and Astringent
Soak a cotton pad and apply in upward circular motions.

Tired, Puffy Eyes
Soak 2 cotton pads and put them over your eyes for 10 minutes.

Add 30 ml Witch Hazel to 2 drops of Lavender Oil. Mix well, then dip round cotton pads in the solution. Place pads in the freezer for an hour or so, then use as needed to cool the site of pain.

Chicken Pox Blisters
Mix 250 ml Witch Hazel with 250 ml water. Apply to the skin and let dry. You can apply as often as needed.

Nappy Rash
Apply to rash using a cotton pad.

Stretch Marks
Apply as needed using a cotton pad.

Lay a soaked cloth onto your skin for several minutes.

Varicose Veins
Prop up your legs and lay soaked cloths on the painful or swollen areas.

Lay a soaked cloth over the bruise for a few minutes 3 x per day.

Bug Bites and Stings
Use a cotton pad to apply directly to the bite.