How to use - Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Whiten Clothes
Add a measure to your usual wash.

Blood Stains
Pour onto stain and let sit for a few minutes. Then rub and rinse with cold water.

Kill Mites
Spray onto the area.

Mix 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide 3% with 32 parts water. Water to improve their root system.

Sprout Seeds
Soak seeds overnight in a mixture of 30 ml Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and 500 ml water.

Wine Stain Remover
Mix together equal parts Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and liquid detergent. Pour the mixture over the stain. With a clean cloth blot the stain and wash with warm water.

Collar and Armpit Stain Remover
Make a mixture of 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and 1 part liquid detergent. Spray onto the stain and let it sit for 1 hour before rinsing and washing.