How to use - Glycerol

Dilute with an equal amount of water and smooth over skin where needed.

Dry Skin Lotion
Mix 2 tbsp Glycerol with 1 tbsp Rosewater. Smooth over body at night, rinse off the following morning.

Glossy Lip Balm
Mix a paste of Glycerol and Petroleum Jelly.

Liquid Hand Wash
Gather together 2 tsp Glycerol, 2 tsp Rosewater, 10 drops Rose Essential Oil (or any of your choice), 2 tbsp grated soap, and 250 ml boiling water. Add grated soap to boiling water, stir and let sit for about 10 minutes until melted. Then stir in Glycerol, Rosewater and Essential Oil. When the mixture is smooth and still warm, pour into an empty soap dispenser bottle, as when cold it will be jelly-like and hard to pour.

Night Cramps
Before bed, massage directly onto skin where cramps occur.

Gluggy Mascara and Nail Polish
Add a few drops to nail polish or mascara to thin.

Mix 3 tbsp with 1 tsp vinegar and apply daily where needed.

Floor Cleaner
Add a few drops to a bucket of warm water.

Dust Protection
Dilute a few drops in water and wipe surfaces with a cloth soaked in the solution.

Fat and Oil Stains
Slightly warm Glycerol, apply to stain and leave for 30 minutes before washing as normal.

Dry Spills
Dilute 50:50 with water to soften dry spills.

Seed Treatment
Mix 1 part Glycerol with 5 parts water and soak the seeds in the solution for 30 minutes to assist with germination.

Leather Repair and Protection
Soak a cloth in Glycerol and wipe the damaged area with it. Repeat as required.

Tyre Shine
First, wash and dry tyres as normal. Then mix equal parts Glycerol and water and spray the mixture onto the tyres, or wipe the tyres with a cloth that has been soaked in the mixture.

Dissolve 25 g soap flakes in hot water before adding 1 tbsp Vodka and 4 tbsp Glycerol.

Wool Care
First, mix 1 tsp with 2 l water and soak item in mixture. Then mix 1 tsp Ammonia with 2 l water and soak item in this mixture. Material will be fluffier and softer once dry.

Defog Glass and Mirrors
Mix equal parts Glycerol and Methylated Spirits and use to wipe glass and mirrors.

Trap Cockroaches
Pour Glycerol into a glass jar, then coat the inside walls of the jar with sunflower (or other) oil. The cockroaches will be attracted to the Glycerol and get stuck in the jar.