How to use - Eucalyptus Oil


Steam Inhalation
Add 5 ml or 1 tsp to 500 ml of hot water and inhale vapour as required. Or add 10 drops to a hot bath.

Sore Throat, Bad Breath, Healthy Teeth and Gums
Add 1-2 drops to a cup of warm water, gargle and spit out. Do NOT swallow.

Sore Muscles and Joint Pain
Dilute and massage onto the area in a circular motion.

Dilute and massage into temples.

Sinus Pressure

To make a hot/cold compress, dilute onto 1 hot cloth, and 1 cold cloth, then alternate the cloths on the bridge of the nose.

Stress Relief
Add 5 to 10 drops to your shower. Sprinkle on the shower walls away from the water spray and breathe in the healing vapours.

Brain Fog and Mental Clarity

  • Add a few drops to an oil burner or diffuser.
  • Mix 15 drops with 500 ml water and add to a spray bottle. Regularly spritz into the air at work or home.

Antiseptic for Sores and Wounds
Combine 10 drops with 500 ml water. Use a spray bottle, or dab mixture onto a clean cloth and gently wipe the affected area twice daily.

Insect Bites and Burns
Apply 2-3 drops onto a cotton ball and dab onto the affected area.

Massage Oil
Add 5 drops Eucalyptus Oil to an egg cup of Almond Oil.

Healthy Scalp and Hair

  • Add 2 drops Eucalyptus Oil to your favourite conditioner.
  • Mix 4 drops Eucalyptus Oil with 2 tbsp Jojoba Oil. Massage into scalp and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Nasal Balm
Add 2 drops Eucalyptus Oil and 2 drops Clove Oil to 2 tbsp Petroleum Jelly. Apply a dab under nose and rub a small amount into chest. Avoid application near eyes.

Mix together 2-4 drops Eucalyptus Oil, 1 tsp pure Aloe Vera Gel, and 60 ml distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray over skin.

Dandruff and Lice
Mix 2-4 drops Eucalyptus Oil with 1-2 tbsp Coconut Oil. Apply to scalp, wait 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For lice, increase the mix to 1⁄2 tsp Eucalyptus Oil with 3 tbsp Coconut Oil and leave in for 30-40 minutes. Be sure to patch test beforehand.

Add 7 drops tbsp pure Aloe Vera Gel. Mix well and dab onto pimples or apply as a moisturiser.

Fungal Infections
Add a 2-3 drops Eucalyptus Oil to Coconut oil and blend into the affected area.

Insect and Rodent Deterrent

  • Add 10-20 drops to 30 ml water and spray on and around the required areas.
  • Dilute for use in an oil burner or diffuser to keep insects out of your home.

Home Cleaning
Add 20 drops to a bucket of hot water.

Cleaning Spray
Gather together 250 ml water, 10 drops Eucalyptus Oil, 10 drops Lavender Oil, and 20 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Pour water into a spray bottle. Blend essential oils in a glass jar to create a base mix. Add 8 drops of this base into the spray bottle with the water. Keep the base mix in a dark-coloured glass bottle in the cupboard and use to make more spray as you need it.

Odour Mix
Mix together 20 drops each of Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Citronella Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Add 200 ml water and 100 ml Methylated Spirits. Place mixture into a spray bottle and shake well before use. Do not spray near oil or watercolour artwork or on polished or stained wood.

Wash and Moth-Proof Sheets and Blankets
Mix together 2 tbsp Eucalyptus Oil, 300 ml Methylated Spirits and 225 g Soap Flakes in a screw- top jar until soap flakes are dissolved. Add 1 tbsp of mixture to every 4.5 l water and soak sheets and blankets until clean. Do not rinse as the Eucalyptus Oil will replace the oil in the wool. Dry outside and store cleaning mixture in a cool place.

Sticky Substances on Dog Fur
Add 2-3 drops Eucalyptus Oil to an egg cup of Almond or Olive Oil, then massage into your dog’s fur. Take care to avoid its eyes and nose. Leave for 1 hour, making sure dog doesn’t lick the area, then shampoo out thoroughly. Do not use on cats.