How to use - Epsom Salts

Bath or Foot Soak (for relaxation or athlete's foot)
Add a few tbsp to water as required. Soak your body or feet, and enjoy!

Slowly mix with small amounts of water until you've made a cream. Dab onto blackheads or blemishes.

Body Scrub
Mix with coconut oil to make an all-natural salt scrub.

Itch Relief
Mix 2 tbsp with 250 ml cold water. Soak a cloth or pad in the solution and lay on skin to soothe itches, insect bites, eczema and other skin irritations.

Put 1-2 tbsp in soil with each seed or add 1-2 tbsp to your watering can.

Slug and Snail Deterrent
Sprinkle around your plants to protect them.