How to use - Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

  1. Fill the Reservoir: Unscrew the top of the sprayer to access the reservoir. Fill it with the liquid of your choice, whether it's water, cleaning solution, plant care product, or any other liquid suitable for misting. Be sure not to overfill the reservoir to prevent spills.

  2. Secure the Top: Screw the top of the sprayer back onto the reservoir securely. Ensure that it is tightened properly to prevent any leaks during use.

  3. Prime the Pump: Before your first use or after refilling, it's essential to prime the pump to ensure a continuous mist. To prime, simply pump the handle several times until you feel resistance. This action pressurises the sprayer and prepares it for misting.

  4. Hold and Spray: Once the sprayer is primed and adjusted, hold the sprayer comfortably in one hand, ensuring a firm grip. Then, press the trigger or pump the handle to release the mist. For continuous misting, keep the trigger pressed or continue pumping the handle as needed.

  5. Move and Spray: Move the sprayer in a sweeping motion, ensuring even coverage of the mist over the area you're targeting. Whether you're misting plants, cleaning surfaces, or styling hair, maintaining a steady motion helps distribute the mist effectively.

  6. Refill as Needed: Keep an eye on the liquid level in the reservoir. When it's running low, unscrew the top, refill the reservoir, and repeat the priming process if necessary. Regularly refilling ensures uninterrupted misting whenever you need it.

  7. Store Properly: After each use, make sure to release any pressure remaining in the sprayer by pressing the trigger or releasing the pump handle. Store the sprayer in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prolong its lifespan and prevent damage.