How to use - Acetone



  • Nail polish from nails and some fabrics*
  • China stains - dip a cotton bud into acetone, rub over the stain, then wash and rinse china as normal.
  • Scuff marks from walls or floors
  • Dilute 1 tbsp Acetone in 250ml water. Carefully rub the surface using a gentle cloth or brush. 
  • Ink
  • Scratches on plastic - dip a cotton bud into Acetone and gently buff over the scratch. Work slowly and gently to avoid more damage.
  • Melted plastic - once item is completely cooled, dip a cloth into Acetone and wipe the plastic until it starts to loosen. Once gone, use clean water to rinse the area.
  • Shoes - use undiluted on leather or fabric shoes.
  • Glass and porcelain - wipe clean with warm water afterwards.

Oil or grease on fabric - Turn item inside out and place on a thick cloth to protect the surface below. Drizzle acetone over the stain and wash as normal.


*Always test patch on fabrics first
**Always use in a well-ventilated area